How does connectivity sound?

Imagine all your devices working in complete harmony. With you as the conductor. At Bosch we are realizing this vision of IoT – and looking for software experts to join in. Every day we pursue new ideas, based on our leading sensor technology and IoT Suite, that enrich lives and conserve natural resources. Our start-up accelerator program with TU Munich and the Bosch IoT lab feed us with pure innovation. This is your chance to be remarkable in IoT!

At Bosch you can put ideas into practice. To improve the world of tomorrow – every day.

Connected for the future
3,000Did you know that 3,000 IoT developers  work on the Internet of Things at Bosch?
Case Study

Smart sensors for smart homes

All around the world, Bosch’s smart sensors are improving people’s lives. In homes, our software enables sensors to measure everything from temperature to humidity to noise level. Along with our software experts, we are constantly expanding on what these mini powerhouses are capable of.
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Ever forgot to turn down the heating before leaving your home? Smart sensors make it possible to regulate not only temperature, but also other atmospheric conditions. Hear more about smart sensors from Bosch’s own Thorsten Müller.

Facts and figures
92%The nonprofit Robert Bosch Stiftung owns 92 percent of Bosch's capital shares. Our independence lets us plan and invest in our future.

What software do Reinhard and his team use?

System simulators like MATLAB and circuit simulators like Virtuoso are key tools. Also in the mix: finite element simulators and device simulators.

“Today sensors are capable of recording and processing a wide range of phenomena. Our team is constantly researching new areas of application and developing suitable new software so sensors can understand even more about their surroundings. Health tracking is certainly an exciting arena. One day sensors might help diagnose, treat and cure illnesses. With software skills at Bosch you really have so many opportunities to be remarkable.”

Reinhard Neul

Project manager for high performance sensors

Remarkable Skills

Teaching objects to “feel” with software-based sensors


Electrical engineering


Using sensors to measure the precise ego position and motion

On the blog:

News from the IoT frontline

Curious about how we’re tackling IoT challenges right now? Our specialists at Bosch ConnectedWorld blog know best. Debates, hot topics, new ways of thinking: read some pretty cool stuff and get a better idea of what it’s like to work at Bosch. 

Putting our values into practice

At Bosch, you're an essential part of the team. Here your ideas and imagination are always welcome – something our corporate culture and values reflect. By creating a workplace with a positive vibe, we are all motivated to go that extra mile.

Mutual Respect

By respecting others’ ideas, values, opinions, lifestyle and culture, we cultivate fertile ground for innovation and growth.


We regularly ask all employees to give us feedback about how we are doing as an employer. It’s only fair to hear about our company from those who keep things moving along.

Openness and Trust

A positive, successful workplace requires a generous dose of transparency.

Social Responsibility

In addition to treating you well as an employee, we also give back to our communities and the environment. Improving climate protection and preserving natural resources are central to our daily work. And thanks to the Robert Bosch Stiftung, a portion of our profits goes toward social causes.

Like Stanford in Germany? Welcome to Renningen!

Our new research campus just outside of Stuttgart is perfect for creative minds. In an inspiring atmosphere, innovators take a fresh look at challenges in fields such as software engineering, sensor technology, and mobility.

Why Bosch?

As a leading global supplier of technology and services, we have strong roots to draw on. Take advantage of this and expand your strengths with us. We offer you professional development and exciting tasks in a dynamic working environment.

Contribute to “Invented for life”

In line with our "Invented for life" leitmotiv, we are committed to developing innovative, beneficial, and forward-looking products that improve people’s lives.

Start-up, large company – or both

From new companies in promising fields to established areas of business, Bosch has it all: a range of businesses and corporate structures at 360 locations in more than 50 countries around the world.

Do you think the future starts today?

So do we. In the spirit of our company founder Robert Bosch, we actively shaped the future by developing innovative solutions for future generations.

More than a job

We not only offer you a job, we also give you something to identify with. Over 80% of Bosch employees are proud to be part of our company. See what makes us special!

Balancing work and life

One of the greatest byproducts of the technological revolution: workplace flexibility. As a Bosch employee you can choose from highly individualized ways of working.



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